Big Molecular Ring with Topaz


Big Molecular Ring with Topaz

blackened silver, blue topaz
I was inspired to create my Molecular piece by searching via the images of my chemistry book :) ... I was fascinated by the images of how molecules create long, regular but at the same time chaotic chains and constructions.... Those are so beautiful...

Big Molecular ring is made out of chaotically set fine silver granules... The whole top of the ring is covered with those granules of different sizes. Each single one is soldered separately, therefore this piece is truly one of a kind... you will never get one exactly the same as another. The whole piece is oxidized black. On the top of the ring a Natural Blue Topaz is set.

W:2,2 - 2,5 cm / H: 2,8 - 3 cm / L: 2 - 2,5 cm
Stone (Topaz) size: this might vary from 10 mm to 12 mm in length.
We can always discuss other stones if you prefer.

Rings are made to order and all sizes are available. Please write your size when you place an order.

Due to the fact that each single piece is made by hand thus special and unique, the shape may slightly vary from the one in the photo.
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