Inside The Studio 

Little Story behind Karolina Bik Jewelry

Karolina Bik is an educated and qualified goldsmith and since 2010 she runs successfully her brand named Karolina Bik Jewelry.
Her works are being sold in Galleries and Jewelry Shops all over the Globe. Karolina Bik travels the world with her jewellery participating in design fairs, exhibitions and art projects.

Karolina Bik  describing her very first contact with jewelry says:  'I was told by my mother that my fascination about jewelry started in an old German made cradle when my grandma gave me red beads made out of the ash tree. You know, after nearly  thirty years of my life I still keep them'.

Her relationship with jewelry can be narrated into one simple word - Love.  Asked about her work she replies: 'I enjoy sitting in my studio on the old, high school chair and being immersed by creation. I am passionate about it and at the stage where I am now I cannot imagine a life without this creation'.  

Karolina believes that each object consists of three kinds of things: elements (materials), interconnections (used techniques and emotions) and a function or purpose (pieces having a purpose of a ring, necklace ex).  As Karolina explains: 'For last few years I have been thinking about it. The interconnections are the most important. The copy of one object is never going to be the same because one can not copy the same emotions, imagination and motivation! This is what I apply in my works. I am giving you this third thing – Emotion, Story, Relation. It is not clearly visible at the first sight. This is where wearer has to see, feel, hear or experience it'.

Studio bench where all pieces are created

All pieces are made by hand

All made with Love

Taking care of every detail

Studio view on the mountain, lake and forest

Before it becomes a shiny jewel


I exhibit my works on international Jewellery Fair Trades

getting published in magazines and designer books

Your piece will arrive in a nice labeled package :)